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What's the average cost to build a tunnel?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ June 23, 2014

If I were to build a tunnel made primarily out of wood that is about 7 feet tall and 8 feet long and 4-5 feet wide, how much would it cost?


How can I fix a leaning staircase?

Posted by Brett Kulina ~ June 16, 2014

My staircase is leaning at a dangerous angle. It is an old home with a crawl space instead of a basement. What can cause this and what is approximate cost of the fix? Can this be DIY? Help!


Does keeping an appliance in storage hurt it?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ May 26, 2014

We bought a Kenmore water softener and my husband left it in the garage for at least five years before he installed it. It was subjected to extreme weather conditions. After installing it, it never worked right. Is there any way to fix it? Did this storage cause the problem?


How do I fix my leaking French doors?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ May 19, 2014

I have French doors and they are leaking water into my house during bad weather. They are brand new. I had French doors that opened outward before and they never leaked. The current contractor says I need to take the doors out and replace them with a single door. I do not want to do this. Can French doors be put back in that won't leak if they open outwards again?


Remodeling a room with termite damage

Posted by Brett Kulina ~ May 14, 2014

I own a home that was built in 1890. At some point, someone added on a small back room. They built it right on the ground. I had to tear out the entire floor, so now have the walls, the roof, and rafters. In places, the sill plate is totally gone along with portions of the wall studs. I think it's termites. They ate about a foot of the wall studs. I want to put in a foundation and save as much of the existing walls as I can. What should I do?

How do we level our floor?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ May 2, 2014

We are going to have laminate flooring installed upstairs. Our wood hallway up there has a downward slope at the end where the house has settled. It's about a 3/8" drop. How do we resolve this issue?


Does a horizontal beam need support at both ends?

Posted by Brett Kulina ~ April 30, 2014

I decided to rip out the previous owner's DIY finished basement and discovered two 2x12s, sistered, that support the floor joists, but someone removed the double 2x4s that were supporting one end of this beam. It's free floating for about 24". A 4" PVC waste line was then run right where the double 2x4s were. Can I put a steel support column right up against the waste pipe to support the beam or do I need to put the support column flush against the wall again and reroute the waste line?

How do we stop water from leaking in under the door?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ April 28, 2014

Water is coming under our door's threshold. Can we just remove threshold and add wood shims, seal them, and then add the threshold and cut doors to fit?


Where do I start with renovations?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ April 25, 2014

Our two-story Cape was built in 1944 with no heat upstairs and lousy insulation everywhere. The electrical service also needs to be updated, the bathrooms need serious renovations, and we have propane for heat and cooking. Finally, the house sits over a crawl space and the floors are cold. What fixes that? My question is - where do I start?


How do I start planning a basement renovation?

Posted by Jeffrey Anderson ~ April 25, 2014

I recently bought a small 1,100 sq. ft. home that is on a severe slope. The house is single-story and stucco with a concrete foundation. Half of the basement has a standard 2 x 2.5 ft. crawl space. The other half of the basement is about 6.5 ft. high. I would like to turn this half of the basement into two rooms with a bath. What do I need to consider to do this?


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