Alternative Roofing Materials for My Screened Sunroom?

Answered by Brendan ~ January 15, 2010 ~ No Comments

The rubberized canvas roof of my Pueblo, CO, screened sunroom is worn out and also greatly darkens my dining room and kitchen. A replacement from the sunroom manufacturer costs over $4,000. What replacement material would let in light, be easy to install, and hopefully cost less?

Sanberg N. ~ Pueblo, Colorado

Brendan Fowler

Alternative Roofing Materials for My Screened SunroomIt sounds like your sunroom has a custom proprietary roof system. The first thing to do is check with the sunroom manufacturer, and see if there is another type of roof that is compatible with their roof design.

A roof system and structure that utilizes rubberized canvas may not work with a clear acrylic roof panel, or other types of transparent roofing. Without more information from the manufacturer and structural calculations for the sunroom, it is impossible to provide safe and reliable information for guiding you in the direction of more light, easy and cheaper roof solutions.

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