Questions About Room Additions

Can Sunroom Additions Also Serve As a Greenhouse in Pennsylvania?

Will I need one or two sunroom additions for the south side of my Williamsport, PA, home in order to have both a lounge area and an area warm enough to grow veggies? I'm afraid the temperatures should be different for each use.

How Do You Plan for Water Runoff When Engineering Daylight Basements?

Two friends here in Santa Cruz, CA, have homes built on slopes. One site is rocky, one more earthen. Both have had major water intrusion from heavy rainstorms into their daylight basements. I'll be building on a lot similar to the rocky one. Should I forget a basement and just put the house on columns of some sort?

For My Home Addition, May I Work Alongside My Contractor?

My planned home addition will bump out two exterior walls of an unused bedroom in my Utica, NY, home. I'm pretty handy with tools and would enjoy working hands-on with the licensed contractor I hire (deferring to his greater experience.) Is that possible?

Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

My wife recently suggested kitchen cabinet refacing as a way of updating our kitchen without the cost of starting from scratch. What's the difference between simply painting or re-staining the cabinets and refacing them?

How to Create Storage Space over a Garage

When considering home addition(s) to provide extra storage space, I noticed that there is a large space between the ceiling and roof of my attached garage. However there is no access to this space. How can I install a trapdoor, ladder?

Sunroom Additions vs. Room Additions

I've recently decided that I want to add on a sunroom to the back of our home. It's a big project but I'd like to take it on myself to save costs. My biggest concern is meeting city code requirements. Is the process different for a sunroom than for standard additions?

Getting Started with House Additions

With our third child on the way, we really need more room but can't afford to upgrade to a larger home. I feel completely intimidated by the idea of adding on to our home. Where do I start when thinking about possible house additions?

Will a Room Addition Add Enough Value?

My home business is growing and I need dedicated office space right now but that means a room addition. We've talked about the possibility of moving within the next five or six years, so an addition needs to make sense for our home's value in that time frame. How can I make sure it will?

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