Questions About Room Additions

Drywall Screws or Nails for Bedroom Addition

I confess that it's been years since I hung drywall. But now I'm doing a home addition for a new bedroom. The hardware store clerk recommended using drywall screws instead of the nails I'm accustomed to using. I know both nails and screws can't leave indentations. Which method requires less patching and costs less?

Contractor Markups on a Home Addition

I'm suffering from sticker shock on the bids for a kitchen remodel and a new small bedroom addition. Two contractors have bidded with more than a 20 percent markup on materials. Is this a reasonable markup on a home addition or should I keep getting estimates?

Steps to Garage Addition

We want to add another car's worth of space to our garage. What are the steps involved in this project? And what is the best way to get started on the project? Also if we want to add a screened in porch to our house is it best to try and incorporate both projects at once?

Planning a Home Addition I Can Afford

I've read that kitchen and small bath additions have a good return on investment. But my husband would rather add a sunroom. Considering we live in Chicago, is his idea better than the kitchen or bath addition?

Will adding dormers to my home increase the living space and height?

I have a cape cod style home and the upstairs is attic space with the room's height being in the roof line; so, the ceilings are at an extreme angle with no head room. I would like to make this a master suite; can more living space and height be obtained without raising the roof line? Is this a case for dormers?

Home Additions Making Good Use of a Vaulted Ceiling

My living room has a huge vaulted ceiling. It just feels like wasted space and we need another bedroom. How expensive would it be to use the space for a loft? Would it be the same to extend the second floor out into that space? Have you seen successful home additions like these?

Moving a fireplace: How much should we expect to pay for this project?

My wife and I have been working with an interior designer on a home addition that involves expanding our family room. The designer suggests we move the fireplace. We know this is not an easy undertaking. How much should we expect for this project?

Sunroom to Third Bedroom

My partner and I were thinking of turning a sunroom into a third bedroom but we heard that when we go to re-sell, it would only qualify as a bedroom if it has a closet. Is that true? If we need to add a closet, is it expensive to do?

Home Addition to Include a Tray Ceiling

My husband and I are planning a home addition with a new master bedroom. We really want an elegant look. A neighbor suggested adding a "tray ceiling" to add height and drama. How much would we be adding to the cost of this home addition? Are there other ceiling options we might consider that have a nice impact but are less expensive?

Do I need architectural drawings first to get an estimate on an additions project?

I am getting ready to go to the bank to apply for the funds to add an addition to my house. I have an architect who is suppose to draw the house plan. She is telling me I need to get a quote from the contractor before she does the drawing. So should I ask a contactor how much it is going to cost without the actual drawings? What is the general process here? Who does what first?

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