Questions About Room Additions

Is an Attached Room Addition Less Costly Than a Separate Room?

We've got plenty of room in the side yard of our Wilmington, North Carolina, home to either add a home office to the house or build a room addition separate from the house. To attach it, it would wrap around a corner of the house a bit. Attaching requires changing and extending the roof line, breaking through a wall, and the main electrical service must be moved. The existing HVAC will accommodate the 100 square foot room. Is it likely to be more expensive to build the room addition onto the house, or to make a separate building?

Room Additions for California Ranch House Guest Wing

Our ranch-style house in Yuba City, California, has a guest wing with two 10'x12' bedrooms divided by a bathroom. If we bump out the gable end of the house four feet for room additions we'll end up with a bigger bathroom and bedrooms. The bathtub and toilet would be moved out four feet and a double-sink put in the bathroom. Each bedroom would gain a 10' wide closet and the old closets would be opened onto the bedrooms. The lot is level, we're on city sewer, the simple roof is asphalt shingles, there'd be no new windows. Are we talking $50,000? $70,000? More?

Room Additions in Anchorage, Alaska

We want to bump out exterior walls that face our northwest view to create a dining nook beyond the kitchen and a home office beyond a seldom-used walk-in closet. Both additions would be 8' x 8'. To maximize the view I'd like fixed-pane maximum insulated windows about 7'h x 6'w on all three walls of both room additions. How much extra in initial cost and heating bills would this cost over 4'h x 6'w windows?

Basement Addition on a Sloping Lot

Our Salem, Oregon, home has 7' high visible pilings supporting the gradually sloping downhill side. We'd like to create basement addition storage room 10' x 12', with an internal stairway from the kitchen. The slope has deep soil that would have to be excavated. The alternative is to excavate a level area and outside steps and build a free-standing storage room of the same size. Which would be more cost-effective?

What size steel I-beam do I need for ceiling project?

I have a floor with about a 1 and 1/2 sag in the middle. It has a bedroom above. I want to install a steel I-beam and span the 24 foot ceiling, removing the center post opening up the entire room. What size I-beam do I need to do this? Above the center post are 4 2x8s running the span of the ceiling.

What is the Cost Savings for Removable Wallpaper?

I went online and looked at removable wallpaper for our Washington home addition. We want to use the room as a guest room until we have children. I want to know what the walls look like when you take it down and if there are places where the sun fades the paint. And how much does the wallpaper cost?

Separate Heating & Cooling for South Dakota Guest Rooms

For the home we'll be building in Rapid City, South Dakota, we'll have a central heating & cooling. However, the guest wing has two bedrooms with a shared bathroom. We estimate we'll have a maximum of 20 to 25 days per year of guest use. Is there any savings over a 10-year period in having a separate heating & cooling unit for that wing?

Creating Room Additions Over Bangor Garage

Our Bangor, Maine, home is a typical two-story saltbox with an attached one-story 22' x 22' garage. We'd like to extend the second floor out over the garage as a recreation area with an 8' x 16' hobby room. We have an asphalt shingle roof. The house is older, so framing is 2" x 4". Heating is by a fairly new boiler system. What type of heating do you recommend, and what's a ballpark price per square foot for these room additions?

How much will it cost to do a small walk-in bedroom closet?

The closet is about 11ft long and 6ft wide. I like t have custom shelves, drawers and area for hanging. Looking for the least expensive option and ideas.

Too late to modify house frame?

The frameing work for my new home has been put up and now I think the ceilings are too low. Is it expensive to have the contractor raise the ceiling since its so early in the game? No wiring or pipes have been put in yet... just the frame of the house.

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