Questions About Room Additions

Remodeling a room with termite damage

I own a home that was built in 1890. At some point, someone added on a small back room. They built it right on the ground. I had to tear out the entire floor, so now have the walls, the roof, and rafters. In places, the sill plate is totally gone along with portions of the wall studs. I think it's termites. They ate about a foot of the wall studs. I want to put in a foundation and save as much of the existing walls as I can. What should I do?

Can I add a patio before adding a new room?

We will eventually add on an addition to our home. Due to the cost of an addition, we would like to first have a patio poured. Would the contractor be able to set the addition foundation up against this slab? Pouring the slab to the house probably doesn't make sense.


Can concrete be poured over a river rock floor?

We have a room that began as a patio outside. The floor is river rock and it has wood paneling on the walls. I have been looking at ways to cover the river rock and solve the dampness seeping in between the original house and the patio slab. We have sealed part of the crack with a cement product and it seems to work. I read that you can cover the whole floor with cement and bring it to the level with the house. Is this feasible? Will it help with the connection to the original house? If not, how do we go about beginning the remodeling project?

John L. -- FL

Do I need an interior vapor barrier on my home's walls?

I am adding an attached garage to our house and am confused about whether or not I need to have an interior vapor barrier (6 mil plastic) installed under the sheetrock. I have been getting mixed information about the need for this layer? What do you think?

Seth - Salt Lake City, UT

How can I heat an existing room addition?

Our house has a cold room(add-on) that has no heat vent, what is a cheap and easy way to get heat in there. The rest of the house is heated with a gas furnace.

Sam S. - Chicago,IL

Will a deck support a home addition?

My landlord wants to extend our kitchen, but he wants to build it on top of the existing deck. With no other support. Is that safe? Would it be up to code?

Do buyers prefer a garage or an additional bedroom and bath?

My house is a 2 BR/2 BA with a small attached single garage. We don't use the garage for parking because the approach is awkward. I could convert the garage into a 1 BR/1BA suite. What might be more attractive to a buyer, a 3 BR/3BA house with no garage, or keep the garage and pave the access?

Are they framing my addition with the right wood?

I am just checking up on my contractor. Does it matter what kind of wood is used on my room addition. I am speaking of the wood that they use to build the walls. I also see some light through some of the seams. Is this okay?

Tera - Norfolk, VA

How do I hire a contractor?

What are the key things to ask for when requesting bids from contractors for home improvements? I have plans which are in the process of being approved to add on about 1500 sq ft to my house. I want to get at least three estimates to compare.

Pastor - Miami, FL

Can a New Foundation Survive a Cold Winter?

I just had a foundation for a garage installed. I will not be able to finish the structure this summer as planned. Can I leave this new foundation over the winter?

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