Adding Molding Around My Windows

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I want to add molding around my windows, specifically crown molding in both my bathrooms. Do I need a general contractor for this type of work? Or perhaps a handyman to do the project? I have 4 windows in the living room dining area that I want to frame in crown molding as well.

Arlene M. ~ Santa Rosa, California

Brendan Fowler

Since you are talking about a fair amount of work that you want done, you will at the very least need a licensed contractor. A handyman may be able to do this type of job, but if they are not licensed, and the job is going to cost more than $500 for labor and materials, an unlicensed handyman or general contractor, would be breaking the law in California by doing the work. I think it would be best to start by calling a licensed general contractor. I would also recommend getting a couple of bids from different contractors, and make a decision based on the bids, about the direction that you want to go with the project. Good Luck!

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