Adding a Sunroom to a Lansing, Michigan, Bedroom

Answered by Brendan ~ October 6, 2010 ~ No Comments

We plan to add a 10' x 12' sunroom to our Lansing, Michigan, south-facing bedroom. Some companies offer sunrooms as kits. I'm not sure if they have their own installation crews. Is it likely to cost more or less to use a local contractor for design and construction?

Suzanne W. ~ Lansing, Michigan

Brendan Fowler

I cannot say for sure which is going to be more expensive, but I would recommend getting pricing from both. Some manufacturers have a list of certified installers; some sell them as DIY kits. You may find that ordering a sunroom from a sunroom manufacturer and having a local contractor install it, may be the best value. There are many sunroom manufacturers out there and virtually all of them have great websites, check out the sites out and get pricing. I would suspect that a local contractor with experience building sunrooms, will have built both pre-fabricated sunrooms, as well as custom designed ones. A little research will go a long way towards getting the sunroom at the price you want. Good luck!

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