Adding a Sink in the Basement

Answered by Brett ~ April 20, 2011 ~ Comments

I would like to add a kitchen to the basement. The basement is finished and has an existing bathroom. The water from the basement bathroom is pumped to the septic tank by a sump pump. How hard would it be to put in a sink for the kitchen? What level of effort are we looking at? Should we call a contractor in?

Bryan ~ Birmingham, Alabama

Brett Kulina

Bryan, although your project sounds simple enough, you should probably consult a licensed plumber about the details of your home's basement sump pump and the plumbing lines that service the existing bathroom. It is important that any new plumbing in your basement meet code requirements and that the size of the existing sump system will be able to handle the additional waste water from the newly constructed kitchen(even more so if you plan on installing a dishwasher or other appliance). In a perfect world, the supply and waste lines that are servicing your bathroom would be adequately sized for the new kitchen, which could simplify your basement remodel. Once you decide on the location of the new kitchen sink, then you can have a plumber rough in the hot and cold water lines, as well as a PVC waste line. After the cabinets and counter tops are installed, then the new sink can be installed and finished. Good luck with your project!

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