A Fix for Roof Gutters

Answered by Jeffrey ~ March 5, 2010 ~ No Comments

It rains constantly in Oregon. Our gutters won't drain the roof. They look warped and misaligned. We've bent the hangars without success. Now what can we do?

Steve D. ~ Eugene, Oregon

Jeffrey Anderson

Hi Steve, I know how frustrating gutters can be, I am having problems with my guttering, too. It took a beating from all of the snow we had this year. Unless you have very old gutters, they are usually made out of a fairly thin gauge aluminum, and when they get some age on them it can be difficult to shape them correctly. If you have been up to work on the hangars, I assume you have checked to make sure there is nothing in the gutters to keep them from draining. You might try to install a few more hangars, between the existing hangars, to see if that helps straighten them out, but I doubt that will work for very long, if it works at all.

You mentioned that the gutters are misaligned, so I am guessing you have sectional guttering. It might be worth it to have a seamless gutter contractor come out and take a look at your home. They can make the guttering right at your house, and each section of your roof will have one piece of guttering without any splices, so less chance of future leaks. You don't mention if you have a basement, but with all the rain you have in Oregon, if your current guttering continues to allow roof water to dump next to the foundation, you could have basement problems rather quickly.

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