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How It Works

We Make Finding a Contractor Easy For You! Using ReliableRemodeler.com to find a quality, local contractor for your home improvement, remodeling or maintenance needs is easy.

1. Tell us about your home improvement, remodeling or maintenance project by completing our project request form.

2. Once completed, we will begin to match you to contractors that are best for your project. We may call you to ask a few more questions about your home improvement project and to clarify your needs.

3. Up to 4 of our member contractors will contact you to schedule a Free Estimate on your project.

4. You choose the contractor that meets your project needs and budget, and have the work done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many bids will I get?

A: That depends on your needs and the size of your project. For most small service projects, we normally recommend only meeting with 1 or 2 contractors who can quickly handle the job for you. For a larger addition or remodel, you'll probably want to meet with 3 or 4 contractors to make sure you hire the best one for your project.

Q: Will it cost me more to hire a ReliableRemodeler.com contractor?

A: Absolutely not! Estimates from ReliableRemodeler.com contractors are always free. And our contractors don't charge you extra because we don't take a percentage of the project like a general contractor or the big warehouse hardware stores.

You can be confident in getting the best value for your money with ReliableRemodeler.com because we make it easy to get competitive bids from several contractors, and then pick the one that best fits your needs whether it be low price, high quality, or somewhere in between.

Q: So, how does ReliableRemodeler.com make money then?

A: Contractors pay ReliableRemodeler.com monthly screening and membership fees to be part of our organization. For the contractor, it's just another form of advertising.

Q: How do you choose the contractors for my project?

A: ReliableRemodeler.com works with local contractors covering most home improvement and remodeling trades. We personally know each of our contractors and the type of work they do, so we can be sure to match you with the best ones for your project. We'll match you with the best contractors for your project based on several factors including:

1. Contractors who specialize in your specific service need

2. Contractors who are geographically close to you

3. Contractors who are available to do your project in a reasonable time frame

4. Contractors who can best meet your needs in terms of price, value, and quality

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GREAT DEAL ALERT! The Washington DC, Baltimore, and Virginia area is currently enjoying a surplus of Kitchen Contractors who want to compete for your kitchen project.


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