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Lastest Questions Answered by Our Home Improvement Pros...

How can I raise my floors?

I have a large room that I want to remodel into an apartment for my brother, but first the floor must be raised more than a foot so that it is level with the doorway. The existing floor is a concrete slab, which I would prefer to leave intact. We have major construction experience but don't know the best way to do this ourselves. What do you recommend? -Jeanni

What's the correct spacing for my roof trusses?

I'm building a simple rectangular ranch style home - 40'x26'. When it comes to roof trusses, I was thinking of using 26' 4/12 residential trusses. I've been told that these trusses are meant for 2' spacing. Is this in compliance with the IBC 2006 or would they need to be spaced 16" on center? Or if neither, what are the spacing requirements according the IBC 2006? -Rebecca

Do contractors usually ask how you're going to pay for the work?

Is it normal for a contractor to ask the homeowner how the project is going to be funded? -Sam

My home has no insulation at all. What can I do?

I live in IL, and my house has two layers of brick covered with a layer of 1" clay tile and plaster. There is no insulation whatsoever. There is no gap between the layers to blow in insulation or foam. My home is only 895 sq. ft. but I pay more than a 2,500 sq. ft. home in utilities. I've put new windows and doors in and two layers of R-30 insulation in the attic. Please, please, please help with any and all suggestions. -Shaun

How can we stop our subfloors from rotting?

My house is 3/4 crawl space foundation 1/4 slab from a garage conversion. The center of the crawl space portion is sinking and we have been having problems with the wooden subfloor rotting in the rooms along it. How do we stop this from happening? We also found a shower problem that we fixed. -Jeannie

Can I add a patio before adding a new room?

We will eventually add on an addition to our home. Due to the cost of an addition, we would like to first have a patio poured. Would the contractor be able to set the addition foundation up against this slab? Pouring the slab to the house probably doesn't make sense. -Garrett

Why is my countertop separating from the wall?

My house is only three years old. Over that time, the countertop has progressively pulled away from the wall. There is currently about 1/2 inch between the countertop and the drywall. I noticed today that the upper cabinet is now pulling away from the wall, too. I also found while cleaning today that there is an area where the hard wood floor is separating. Why would this be happening and how do I fix it? -Laura

When is the right time to hang drywall?

Should you hang drywall in a new home before you pour the basement floor? -Steve

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